About us

Who Is Shop Biohazard ?

Shop Biohazard was created by me, Marie-Ève Chenier-Arcila, in March 2015. I started this shop after studying Fashion Marketing. I’ve been making jewelries since I was a kid. When I finished school I needed a new challenge and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Been loving it ever since !


Where Is Shop Biohazard Located ?

We are located in Montréal, Canada.


What are our products ?

We offer a large choices of different jewelries, accessories and clothing. Most of our product are handmade with love. <3


For more info about us or any other questions, feel free to contact on our Contact Page or send an e-mail at : shopbiohazard@gmail.com


Social Media Links

Instagram - @shopbiohazard

Tumblr - @shopbiohazard

Depop - @shopbiohazard